Monday, November 24, 2014

Meet Team XForce

This is what make's a great Team......great people!!!
Nick "not so much a Kid anymore" Coulson
Martin Coulson Team Manager & Dad
Craig Patterson Pit Crew Chief & Uncle

Rick Stapylton Pit Crew
Eddie Kepper Pit Crew

Toni Coulson Media & Camera Operator & Proud Mum
Jess Sadler Pit Set Up Presenter & Girlfriend

Clare Patterson Cheer Squad & Driftkid's Biggest Supporter & Very Proud Grandmother.

It take everyone of these Guys & Girls to make a successful Team & we have a ball doing something we all love to do, even if Nick cant crack a smile for the camera.


Monday, November 17, 2014

ADGP Rd1 TV Replay now availble on YouTube + Nick Coulson Driver Video

The Australian Drifting Grand Prix has now released the Rd1 TV show from 7Mate.
Here is the link to the Full TV Show Rd1 ADGP 2014 TV Show

  Check out the Driver Video of Nick as he takes us all the way to the Number 1 spot.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Formula Drift Asia/Sydney now available for replay

Miss the Action from Formula Drift Asia/Australia ?

Check out the Formula Drift Asia Replay on Speedweek
click above to watch

Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Weekend is all Drift Drift Drift !!!!!!!

This weekend is all about Aussie Drift on TV
3 Massive events & one that you can watch live!!!!
First is Round 1 of the Australian Drifting Grand Prix from Barbagallo Raceway in Perth.
Tune into 7Mate at 10am & watch the DriftKid Fight his way to the Number 1 spot on the podium.
Next is the Hi-Tec Oils/Achilles Radial Figure 8 Drift Series Live from Sydney Motorsport Park.
Tune into at 7pm Saturday to see the DriftKid take on some of Australia's best
Jump on line & help cheer on the DriftKid to Victory
Last but not least the Formula Drift Asia Round held in Sydney a few weekends ago will be on SBS One SpeedWeek at 2pm this Sunday.
Drivers from Asia/Australia/New Zealand & even Norway battle it out in a test to see who can stand on the Famous FD Podium & get themselves a Carbon Fibre Trophy.
(please check local start times in your state) 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Driftkid takes 2nd place at Formula Drift Asia

What a weekend for Nick & Team XForce at Formula Drift Asia in Sydney.
We started the weekend out by putting the Achilles Radial/XForce Performance Exhaust VE SS Drift Ute on display & giving away bags of goodies for the massive crowds at the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) on Friday & Saturday.

Saturday Night was practice & qualifying with Nick qualifying in 10th spot for the battles on Sunday.

With a practice session on Sunday Morning it was time to dial the Fulcrum/SuperPro suspension in for the upcoming battles.
 First battle was against Sheng Mg Nain in the JZX90.

Then it was the Top 16 Driver intro, pit walk & driver signing at lunch.
Nick getting some attention from the Achilles Girls.

Top 16 we came up against season campaigner Alex Kantarovski in the Gaia Wheels S13
Top 8 we saw fellow Queenslander Mick Roesenblatt in the R32 V8 who put on a great lead run pulling a gap on Nick giving the advantage Mick's way. Knowing he had to pull a great run Nick blazed the track with Achilles 123s smoke & forced a mistake by Mick awarding the win to Nick.
(that is Nick tucked in behind Gaz on a magic follow)
Top 4 time & it was against 4 time D1 NZ Champion Gaz Whiter.
Nick knowing how fierce a competitor Gaz is put on a stellar lead run even gapping him by the finish line at the top of the hill.
On the switch around Nick stuck to Gaz like glue & pushed hard all the way to the finish line putting Nick through to the finals.
The other side of the battle tree was these two guys.
 Was Nick going to get the rematch he has been waiting over a year for from the last Formula Drift in Melbourne with Fredric Aasbo?
Unfortunately not to be as Fredric broke a drive shaft at this very moment leaving levi with no where to go & contact was made. Because it was deemed Aasbo's fault it handed the win to fellow Queenslander & good mate Levi Clarke.
Finals time with Nick v Levi for the 2nd time in a week. Nick was the victor last time in Perth but unfortunately Nick made a small mistake following Levi handing a slight advantage Levi's way.

On the switch around Nick gave a lead run that Levi just couldn't match but unfortunately it wast enough to get a re-run & Nick Placed 2nd for the Formula Drift Asia round in Sydney. 
Nick congratulating Levi on his win.
Hi Five for Fedric Aasbo on his 3rd place.
Your winners for FD Sydney 2014
Fredric Aasbo getting a lift back to the pits in the Achilles Radial/XForce Performance Exhaust Ute.
Great Podium shots of the round winners for the very first Formula Drift Sydney.
A very proud dad moment as Martin Coulson get's a photo with his son.
A huge thanks to our Sponsors, Achilles Radial, XForce Performance Exhaust, Fulcrum Suspension, Hi-Torque Performance, Harrop Engineering, NPC Clutches, Aesthetic Signs & of course the whole of Team XForce that make it all happen in the pits.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The DriftKid takes the Win at Round 1 of ADGP

 Nick "DriftKid" Coulson has won the first round of the Australian Drifting Grand Prix at Barbagallo Raceway in Perth.
The new format at the PowerCruise event worked very well for the drivers as well as the crowds with full track demonstrations at lunch time each day to showcase the Top Australian Drifters.
What a great way to start the season.
The weekend started with Nick setting himself up in a great position for the battles qualifying in 3rd.
check out the slo-mo on the clipping points
The top 4 was going to be a all Queensland affair with Rob Whyte v Mick Rosenblatt & Nick v Levi Clark.
The battle with Levi went to a re-run as the judges couldn't split them. Nick fought hard taking the win & advancing onto the finals to battle Achilles Team mate Rob Whyte.
Nick & Rob have battles so many times its hard to keep the tally count correct (last 5 to Nick I think). Nick being the higher qualifier lead first with a great run & putting it all on the line with a huge entry into the first turn & then started to pull a gap on Rob after the hairpin handing the advantage Nick's way.
Second part of the run Nick entered the first turn & quickly put the Achilles Radial/Xforce Performance VE Ute on Robs door pushing hard all the way to the finish line securing Nick the Win.
Don't forget to watch the hour long FREE to air TV show on 7mate in 3 weeks time.
It was a clean sweep for all that travelled on the truck from Queensland.
 Over all Team Qld managed to get the top 5 spots at the first round.
1st. Nick Coulson
                                                                   2nd. Rob Whyte 
                                                                   3rd. Mick Rosenblatt
                                                                   4th. Levi Clark
                                                                   5th. Josh Boettcher
We now head off to Sydney for Formula Drift Asia & Round 5 of the Figure 8 Drift Series, can Nick make it a hat trick? We certainly hope so.